AMAC Food safety inspection process and precautions:         


Amount of sample and packaging

For lots of 5 to 50 tons, three samples, 300 grams each, to analyze are required. Samples to analyze should be taken randomly from the composite sample and put in separate bags. For lots of 50 to 200 tons, six samples to analyze are required. For lots of 200 to 500 tons, twelve samples to analyze are required.
In packaging the samples, care must be taken to avoid contact of moisture. The inner bag should be sheeted with moisture absorbing paper towel to avoid potential water condensation, due to temperature variation during transportation, from evaporated moisture content of the sample itself, which tends to increase local humidity and aids molding. The middle layer should keep in a zipper plastic bag to protect the sample from possible outside water penetration during transportation. The outer layer is a paper envelope printed with mailing information and registration number.
AMAC will need at least 100 grams for each sample.


Cost schedule on Amlan contract is US$35.00 per test. (US$65.00 for non-contract)
Bank check payable to Chaoyang University of Technology (account # will be provided through email). Payment should be made at the time of sample submission.


Turn-around time
Typical turn-around time will be 2 working days per sample for one test, and one additional day for each additional test.

Service request form and lab report
The files will be provided through email.

Promotion from ODC-number of complimentary analysis
Provided by Amlan International

Shipping instructions               

Sample(s), packaged as instructed, with completed request form and bank check should be sent by air mail as promptly as possible to assure freshness of sample.
Pay special attention to grind samples into powder or granular form. Whole grains are not permitted by most countries. On the shipping list, please use sample names like corn powder, soy meal, DDGS powder. Avoid the word “feed”, which may call for long process of applying for permit. AMAC will need full sample names in periodical report for Amlan International, please enter full sample names in the request form (not on the shipping list). 

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